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Imagine losing access to one of your most-prized possessions – your car! You might have dropped the keys somewhere or the lock has suddenly gone non-responsive, resulting in you being unable to access the vehicle, that’s parked in your garage. Being deprived of a reliable means of transportation for a few days is a smaller problem. What if you get locked out of your vehicle in an unconceivable time and location? During such times, you cannot put off the resolution to a later point in time, but require immediate assistance. A towing service can only help you take your vehicle to a dealer or mechanic. But their availability is questionable, if you find yourself in need of help well past business hours. The solution: an automotive locksmith from Avenel Locksmith Store.

With 24-hour availability, roadside assistance, mobile solutions and specialists for the job, we’ve set up our automotive locksmith division, in purview of the distinct lock & key requirements of vehicle owners. Over the years, we’ve only expanded, optimized and streamlined our work to provide our clients with exceptional service. From addressing car lockouts to making car keys, we’re skilled at a wide range of tasks that make us your one-stop locksmithing partner.

Roadside assistance 24/7

The uncertainty of the location where the lock & key incident takes place is what prompted us into going mobile. You could be stranded at any place, require ignition repairs, new keys or any other related service. If you live in Avenel, NJ area, you don’t have to bring your vehicle to us, because our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art mobile vehicles will be brought to you. Because everything we need for the job is loaded in our vans, we can do just about anything onsite; be it repair, programming keys, unlocking locked doors or fixing the ignition. And the best part is; we operate 24/7, so you can ring us up for help anytime you need it.

All types of keys made:

Making keys for cars is a challenging feat. They’re not the crudely cut mechanical components that they used to be, but have added layers of complexity that is beyond the understanding of a novice. However, we are no strangers to challenges, and over time, have mastered the art of car key making to an extent where our work is deemed nothing short of perfect. From programming transponder keys, configuring a new remote key fob, to fashioning an old-school standard key, we can accomplish it all with finesse – and do so, in minimal time and at a fraction of the cost charged by dealers and other locksmiths.

An overview of our services:

  •  Avenel Locksmith Store Avenel, NJ 732-204-7108Car lockout resolution
  • Unlocking of car trunks
  • New key making
  • Transponder key programming
  • Laser car keys made
  • GM Vat keys
  • Ignition repairs
  • Key fob repair/replacement
  • Lock repairs
  • Transponder system reconfiguration
  • Ignition switch replacement
  • Car door unlock

We provide all this and a lot more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, get in touch with us; our experts will be able to provide the solution you’re looking for.

Do you have a problem with your car locks? Get the requisite solution from our expert automotive locksmiths today!

Car Remote Programming in Avenel, NJ

Conventional vehicle models are unlocked by inserting the key into the lock on the door handle. However, the possibility of car theft through key duplication pushed car manufacturers into exploring other options – and thus, remote keys were conceived that require no physical interaction with the vehicle to lock /unlock. If you’ve lost a remote key, car remote programming isn’t something you could get done at the local hardware store near you; instead, you need a specialist. And we’ll tell you why:  click here to read more

High Security Keys in Avenel, NJ

The rising instances of car theft in the 1990s set alarm bells ringing, and the need to bolster vehicle security was realized. Since then, the evolution in the vehicular security industry has been nothing short of phenomenal.  One of the biggest challenges was overcoming the shortcomings of standard keys and locks. The keys could be easily duplicated and the locks could be easily picked open. In a bid to put an end to it all, the industry reverted with its answer – high-security  keys . The incorporation of these keys in vehicles led to a steep decline in vehicle thefts. If you own a latest vehicle model, it’s likely that your vehicle already uses this, if not, you need to upgrade today.  click here to read more

Key Cutting For Automotive in Avenel, NJ

If you’ve ever lost a car key, you might know how frustrating and expensive getting a replacement is. In addition to paying out a significant chunk of money out of your wallet, you might have to forget about operating your vehicle for days, because key cutting for automotive vehicles isn’t a quick job. It’s a lengthy, time-consuming process that can rob you of access to your vehicle if you don’t have a spare. What if we told you that there’s a quicker, and cheaper alternative? Yes, there is – an automotive locksmith.  click here to read more

Key Making in Avenel, NJ

Keys, being the diminutive components that they are, are easily lost, misplaced or stolen. In addition, their frequency of use makes them highly susceptible to breakage or malfunction. Wear and tear, physical damage, harsh weather etc, can all take a toll on your keys. While the keys to your home or your cupboard can be easily procured by making a trip to the local hardware store, what happens if it’s your car key that needs a replacement? Sophisticated, advanced, expensive and technically complex; car keys are beyond the knowledge of your local technician. So, who can help you?  click here to read more

Locked Keys In Car in Avenel, NJ

Have you ever locked keys in car ? You’re not alone! A momentary memory lapse can cause you to forget to take your keys with you before slamming the door shut. All is not lost – and you can still regain access, provided you’re smart enough to know where to look for help. In a desperate bid for reentry, people resort to watching online videos, or reading blogs filled with tips on gaining access. It’s only after exhausting all the options, do people turn to a locksmith for help. click here to read more